Rspamd -- the new Anti-Spam-System (EN)

This presentation is about Rspamd - a modern spam filtering engine with strong focus on high performance and using of the modern techniques to fight spam.

This talk will be focused on practical aspects of Rspamd usage: integration with MTA in large ESP networks, setting up plugins and rules, configuring scores and storages. Some part of the presentation will be dedicated to best practices of spam filtering using Rspamd.


StakhovVsevolod Stakhov: I am the author and the principal developer of Rspamd, I have an engineering degree from the Moscow State technical University, studied PhD at University of Cambridge and so far I'm working at Mimecast (London) as a Lead Software Engineer where I'm mainly responsible for Rspamd integration. I have more than 10 years experiences in working with different Email systems of different grade, from personal to large ESP services.